Now With More Crafts

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Well, I was wrong.

You'll now find articles and tutorials about various crafts (including but not limited to: knitting, crocheting, jewelry-making, sewing, 1:6 and 1:4 doll handicrafts, and 1:12 miniatures) on this site.

I've decided to merge them from their former home, since I wasn't updating either place nearly enough.  Maybe with just one site to keep track of, I'll be able to add to it more frequently.

Eventually, I hope to have different entry portals stressing the different parts of this site, so a knitter/crocheter need never see the sewing entries and someone interested in 1:12 miniatures won't be bothered with the entries about computer games.  This is a plan for the (far) future, so there'll still be some wading through to get to the content you're most interested in.

If, by some chance, you're interested in every topic posted here, contact me so we can be friends as we clearly have a lot in common.

Unfortunately, comments on the crafting articles were lost during the move.  I apologize to those wonderful people who'd offered their kudos, tips, and experiences.  I hope you'll not be afraid to comment going forward, as this is the permanent home of these articles.

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I commented a lot on your other site. Don't delete comments again, k?

It was unintentional, Ivy. The comments got corrupted when I re-integrated the crafts into the main site. I'm very sorry. Since there won't be any more moves, it won't happen again. Please don't be shy about posting here, too. I've enjoyed your comments.

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