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For more than a year, I've had a bunch of essays on my hard drive and an empty Internet domain. It's time the two came together.

This space will be formatted (likely better than it is now) to hold my short essays on various topics, including games and crafts and writing. Some essays will be reviews, some will be discussions of a certain topic or episode or novel, some will be about design or prose choices. The crafts essays will be illustrated with photographs, many of which have been living in the dark, awaiting this day.

Why are you calling them "essays" instead of "blog entries"? Mostly because by calling them essays, it gets me into a frame of mind where I don't release stream-of-consciousness rants, but instead decide on a topic, write some number of words on it, then re-read and revise, and then release.

Will this always be successful? No, but I'm hoping that my essays get tighter and more cohesive as I go along. I'd like each one to be self-contained, though with useful references to outside, as applicable.

New years are all about new beginnings, so: onwards and upwards (but only twice a week).

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